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Dear publisher,


Thank you for being curious about my book ME-movement.

We’ve recently met at the Frankfurter Buchmesse on Saturday the 23rd of October, Linda and I hopefully positively triggered your curiosity to stay in touch.

My goal is to cooperate with an (International) Publisher, where there is a mutual connection and who shares my vision that the ME-movement should be a (love) movement, an umbrella company , a future product line and a multiple book series in the upcoming years. Although I want to start with one project. The health of my son is leading and always receives my full attention. It took me 2 years to write this book, alongside the care of my son when he was at school or asleep.


Presenting my book to you at the Frankfurt Buchmesse is a big step for me and a challenging journey to get here.

I took the car with my friend Linda from The Netherlands to Frankfurt to explore and get a sense of the book market, to observe the booths of publishers and to get a good understanding. I really hope to find a great publisher to work with and I hope this approach, appeals to you. Within this website you will find the coore re book:  

Please feel free to look around at this website, to read 3 example stories of my book, to read about my son and I (and our love team), or to get an impression on the outline of my book.


Hope you had some fun with the yoyo tradeshow present: the YOLO, you only live once :-).

It symbolizes the UP & Downs of life and the 3 movement cycles of the book:  Feel (remember childhood joy), Do (a nice fun distraction when you have painful ” tradeshow-feet” ), and Be (happy)


Can’t wait to hear from you!

Hope to speak soon,


Kind regards/Liebe Gruess/ vriendelijke groet

Tineke de Jong

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